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Works !

Product works! Just wished the bag was bigger. First time trying this and I saw a dead skin cells in the water.

Karina Ramirez | December 14th, 2020


I just received my product.... I soaked 4 like a good 40 min. My feet were bomb and soft i could finally rub my feet together when i sleep. But yea definitely felt from first use

Mercedes Washington | May 12th, 2020

Improved toenail fungus

I LOVE this product. I have been using it for about 6 weeks now and I have noticed such an improvement in the softness of my feet and an improvement with foot and toenail fungus! I filled a large Tupperware container with warm water and some of the product and soak my feet for about 15 minutes after I shower and while I'm applying my make up. Once I'm done, I close it up and slide it under the bed. I'll replace the mixture about every 4 days. I never thought anything would help me get rid of this fungus that I have had for over 15 years!

Mari | June 21, 2019

Healing toenail fungus

I wish I had taken before pictures of what my husband's toenails looked like six weeks ago, but the change is significant. He has had toe fungus for almost forty years, and I read about this treatment after I got it on one toe and the nail polish treatment didn't seem to be eradicating it. I didn't want to take the oral medicine. After I saw benefits, my husband decided to try it even though it seemed long an extreme long shot. He has been doing the treatment twice a day for six weeks (soaking in 1 T of salt in hot water for 15 minutes). His nails appear to be growing in healthy, and even the areas that had fungus before have improved. They used to be thick and yellow. He'd have to shave down the thickness before he cut them. We just ordered more stuff which made me think to write a review. Fingers-crossed that it is going to work long term. It is a much more effective treatment than the nail polish I got from my doctor. Try it!

JEC | October 16th, 2018


All I can think of now is WHY DIDNT I GET IT EARLIER. I have been dealing with this foot issue for the longest time! So embarrassing to wear slippers/sandals before but things are changing!! Tried so many soaks. But this actually works! I never upload pics to reviews but this time I had too! So happy it tackles more than one issue! And its soo soothing!!

What i do right before sleeping:
Soak in tub for 30mins
Clean feet
file feet
Moisturize with mustard oil and sleep!

Saba | July 14th, 2019


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