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This product has done a great job with treating my nail fungus. It took about 3 days before I started to see changes but it is healing. The treatment should last for up to four weeks. Based on how mine is healing it will probably take 4 weeks. I must say that this product actually works. And it works better than another popular product found at the drugstore. Based on my own experience, I found that the nail treatments vary based on how bad the infection is. This product is also an all natural product. I am very happy with this purchase.

Jason - March 20th, 2020


I was using generic preparation h in a tube which gave some relief, but not enough. I had switched to an extra strength gel cream but it was way more expensive and I ran out. This one is more of a salve consistency than a cream or a gel. It goes on smooth and does not irritate my skin at all. It helps to shrink things back down to size and alleviate some of the pain. It also doesn't feel greasy when I am wearing it which is nice.

Chrissy - February 17th, 2020


After a week of daily use, I must say I quite pleased. The white is nice, as it doesn’t draw extra attention. It fits perfectly on my toilet. The seat feels sturdy, even though I weigh 160. The material is smooth and very easy to clean. The transition from the seat to the bowl portion is gradual, so there is no pressure point on you legs or bottom as there is with some others. With the well-placed drain holes, I have had no drips on the floor, and (unlike using the standard bath), there is very little drying of myself needed either. This has made self-care and healing much easier and more efficient for me, and I only wish I had purchased sooner.

Sam - January 31st, 2020